A man wonders, "What are opioids?"

What are Opioids?

With opioid use at an all-time high, many now consider the problem an epidemic. What are opioids and why are they so dangerous? Learning more about their physical and psychological effects and addictive potential will help you avoid them. Table of Contents What are Opioids?Signs of DependencySuccessful Programs for Conquering Opioid AddictionSeek Treatment Today What…

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Opioid vs Opiate

Often, people use “opioid” and “opiate” interchangeably. However, while they are similar, they definitely aren’t the same. Knowing the difference between opioid vs opiate is crucial for anyone seeking addiction treatment. Understanding prescription drug addiction will help you see the signs you have a problem. Table of Contents Opioid vs Opiate: What’s the Difference?Which is…