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Rehab Facts

Experts haven’t always considered a substance use disorder a mental disease. Research has lead to significant changes and, fortunately, the use of mental health treatment for drug abuse and addiction. In the 21st century, rehab centers treat the emotional and physical damage drugs cause. Therefore, before you look for a treatment facility, take a look…

Residential detox in Pompano that can help with alcoholism

Alcohol Abuse Facts

Whether you choose hard liquor, wine, or beer, a lack of awareness could hurt you when consuming alcohol. However, learning more with these alcohol abuse facts could save your life. Table of Contents Important Alcohol Abuse FactsMen and Women Metabolize Alcohol DifferentlyAlcohol Changes the BrainAlcohol Abuse and Addiction Aren’t The SameBinge Drinking Increases Addiction RiskGet…

A woman worries appears stressed while wondering why do addictions occur

Why Do Addictions Occur?

Unfortunately, many believe addiction is a sign of weakness. However, research shows that many factors contribute to substance dependency. Why do addictions occur, and what can you do about them? Table of Contents Addiction CausesWhy Do Addictions Occur?Psychotherapy from 1st Step Behavioral HealthHelp for Addiction Addiction Causes Many users believe they’re immune to addiction. After…

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What Is Ecstasy?

Ecstasy is known as a party drug because it’s a stimulant many young people take recreationally. Often, abusing it leads to severe drug addiction. What is ecstasy? Learn more about the drug, the symptoms of addiction, and how to reach lasting recovery. Table of Contents What Is Ecstasy?Why Ecstasy Addictions DevelopSigns of an Ecstasy AddictionOvercoming…