Types of Therapy for Addiction Treatment

If you’re trying to overcome an addiction, there are a number of therapies and treatment methods that can help. Since every patient is different, the best strategy is often to incorporate several methods at once. During inpatient or outpatient rehab, these are some types of therapy that can be the most beneficial. Dual Diagnosis Therapy…


How Rehab Centers Can Help You Get Clean

No matter how dedicated you are to getting clean, the process will be much easier if you have help. Professional support at rehab centers can provide accountability, medical care, holistic therapies, dual diagnosis support and life skills training. Together, these are the tools you’ll need to prevent relapse and live a clean, fulfilling life. Dual…


Overcoming Addiction in Rehab

Many people lose hope when they’re stuck in active addiction. Addiction can leave you feeling hopeless, broken, angry, confused and desperate. If you’re like thousands of others who have an addiction, you may have tried to stop and failed. The good news is that overcoming addiction is possible when you find the right addiction treatment facility.…


How to Help an Alcoholic Get Sober

Knowing that someone close to you is suffering is very difficult to deal with, especially when it comes to addiction. Understanding how to help an alcoholic isn’t always easy. Those with an addiction to alcohol can often be quite defensive and are rarely sober. There are certain ways that you can help a person who…


Common Symptoms of Addiction

Each year, tens of thousands of people die from alcohol and drug addictions, and even more overdose but survive. One of the biggest causes of this is a lack of education about the symptoms of addiction. With so many people who are uneducated about addiction, it’s difficult to get help until it’s far too late.…

alcohol withdrawal symptoms

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

If you want to end an alcohol addiction, you’ll have to work through withdrawal. This can be a difficult process, but it typically lasts less than a week. Once you complete an alcohol withdrawal, you’ll be ready to tackle true recovery. Explore some of the most common alcohol withdrawal symptoms as well as the most…

adderall side effects

Adderall Side Effects

Adderall is one of the most drugs that medical professionals most often prescribe for narcolepsy and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. However, Adderall side effects can be devastating. In some cases, the side effects of Adderall can severely diminish a patient’s quality of life. Increased blood pressure, dizziness, heightened anxiety and insomnia rank among the most…

staying sober

5 Tips for Staying Sober

If you’re wondering if your drinking has gotten out of control, chances are it probably has. Most people who struggle with drug or alcohol addiction only recognize the problem once it begins to affect their lives negatively. While it can be difficult to overcome alcohol abuse and addiction, you can make changes in your life…

side effects of hydrocodone

The Side Effects of Hydrocodone Addiction

Hydrocodone is a powerful and dangerous narcotic painkiller. Although it’s a prescription medication, people often abuse it. An addiction to hydrocodone isn’t without consequences. Take a closer look at some of the most dangerous side effects of hydrocodone addiction. Drowsiness and Sleep Problems Some of the most common side effects of a hydrocodone addiction are…