residential alcohol detox program in florida

Residential Alcohol Detox | What is Wet Brain Syndrome?

Patients who enter a residential alcohol detox may seek withdrawal treatment for any number of substances. While not exceedingly common, those seeking treatment for alcohol withdrawal may sometimes suffer from a condition known as wet brain syndrome. In general, patients undergoing alcohol withdrawal should not detox outside of treatment in the first place; however, those…

Dealing with chronic pain in recovery is difficult outside of long term Florida rehab.

Long Term Florida Rehab | Dealing with Chronic Pain in Recovery

Those who struggle with chronic pain sometimes experience difficulties completing long term Florida rehab. Dealing with chronic pain in recovery can act as a trigger, driving addicts to crave opioid painkillers or other quick methods of pain relief. Since opioids provide pleasure in addition to pain relief, some studies note that opioid pain management results…

Drug rehab in Ft. Lauderdale treats several types of addiction, some more common than others.

Drug Rehab in Ft. Lauderdale | 3 Most Common Florida Addictions

Everyone who suffers from substance use disorder exhibits their symptoms in slightly different ways. Drug rehab in Ft. Lauderdale must identify the variations in each patient’s addiction when forming their treatment plan, in order to maximize the effectiveness of their treatment. While 1st Step Behavioral Health treats substance use disorders of all kinds, the following…