Prescription drug bottles with similar looking pills shows oxycodone vs hydrocodone

Oxycodone vs Hydrocodone

Many doctors prescribe opioid medicines to treat painful conditions. Although very similar, comparing oxycodone vs hydrocodone highlights their differences. While they’re the most common drugs doctors prescribe, they have highly addictive properties. Understanding these drugs and what they’re capable of helps you make an informed decision about taking them. What Are Oxycodone and Hydrocodone? Hydrocodone…

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Hydrocodone Side Effects

Doctors write prescriptions for many different types of opioids. Although they have medical uses, the drugs cause uncomfortable and dangerous side effects. Among them, hydrocodone side effects may frighten you if you aren’t aware of them. Learning the side effects before taking this opioid could save you from struggling. What Kind of Drug Is It?…

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How are Alcohol and Anxiety Related?

Alcoholism and anxiety are frequently co occurring disorders. Unfortunately, many people misunderstand this relationship and use alcohol to reduce or avoid anxiety. Overall, excessive drinking actually makes anxiety worse. Frequently, this leads to increased consumption to cope with these higher levels of anxiety. To understand both mental illnesses, let’s explore the relationship between alcohol and…


Morphine Withdrawal Symptoms and Timeline

When someone has an addiction to morphine, trying to cut back or quit entirely can feel overwhelming. Fortunately, it’s possible to overcome a morphine dependence. One of the first steps is to complete a morphine withdrawal. Learn more about the withdrawal process, the timeline and what comes next once individuals complete detox. Average Morphine Withdrawal…

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Side Effects of Heroin Abuse

Heroin is highly addictive and dangerous drug. Heroin abuse can cause a number of physical as well as psychological side effects. Explore the side effects of heroin to see just how devastating this drug can truly be. Drowsiness and Nodding One of the most immediate side effects of heroin use is drowsiness. Just minutes after…