Addictive Personality

5 Ways to Overcome An Addictive Personality

People all over the world are dealing with what is known as an addictive personality disorder. It’s more common than people may think. And it’s more harmful than people may believe. Often, addictive personalities lead to addiction. Sometimes, people who have an addictive personality disorder become addicted to things like alcohol and drugs. Other individuals…

Traits of Addictive Personality

What are the Traits of an Addictive Personality?

Have you ever heard people say that they or someone they know has an “addictive personality”? Perhaps, you’ve thought this about yourself after staying up all night to shop online for the umpteenth time. Or maybe you’ve wondered if a loved one is stuck in another financial hardship because he or she has an addictive…

Alcohol Addiction vs Dependence

Alcohol Detox: Addiction vs. Dependence

There’s often a lot of confusion around the topic of addiction. Things can get especially difficult to understand when it comes to the “addiction vs. dependence” debate. Most of the time, people are a little unsure about the difference between the two. Some even wonder if there’s a difference at all. Maybe the confusion comes…