Thanksgiving is a day to eat, drink and be merry—but that can be a bit problematic for those struggling with addiction. When you are on the road to recovery, a day like Thanksgiving—so focused on excess—can be a real stumbling block. And yet, there are plenty of ways to enjoy it while remaining committed to your recovery. That includes the enjoyment of some tasty, festive drinks.

Here are a few options that you might consider putting on this year’s menu; find a couple that sound tasty to you and do a quick search for some recipes!

Sparkling sumac lemonade. This is basically a tart soda, ideally made with fresh lemons and citrus-flavored sumac. It can be a nice palette-cleanser or a terrific mocktail to get your taste buds prepared for a big Thanksgiving feast!

Orange, rosewater, and mint sparkler. Orange juice alone is hardly a festive drink, but a dash of rosewater and a generous portion of muddled mint, plus some seltzer, can make for a festive, fizzy favorite!

Fizzy pear ginger punch. Add some spicy ginger to pear juice and you will come up with a heady beverage that is perfect for autumn. Some candied ginger can be a fun, chewy garnish!

Apple cider. Here’s a simple classic, and one that you do not have to make yourself: You can get either regular or sparkling apple cider at your local grocery store and ring in the holiday season properly.

Cranberry fizz punch. Cranberry is a beloved thanksgiving flavor. Capture it in a glass with cranberry juice, some Sprite or Sierra Mist, and sliced lemons and limes.

There are plenty of great libations for you to enjoy this Thanksgiving—without setting back your recovery. So make yourself a festive beverage, and enjoy Thanksgiving with your family—taking a moment to be grateful for your own journey through addiction recovery!

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