We have a major issue in this country with underage drinking. Every year thousands of young people, often teenagers end up in alcohol related accidents, if not incidents resulting in their, or someone else’s, death. The only way out of the problem is through education and honest communication with our kids about the way you can engage in a healthy way with intoxicating substances. In the past it has been the societal norm to avoid the subject of addiction. It’s a dirty word. No one admits openly to being an alcoholic or drug addict because there is such a stigma around it. But if adults cant come clean in public, kids will never fess up to experimenting with drugs and alcohol, especially at early ages.  

It’s not all seventeen and eighteen year olds drinking, Your kids are exposed to alcohol at younger ages than ever, and the earlier someone is exposed to alcohol the more likely they are to develop an addiction than those who wait until the legal drinking age. Many times, when kids are exposed to alcohol at such an early age they get it from a friend’s parent or another adult in their life.

Talk to your kids about why there are legal boundaries around underage drinking. Start early and make a plan with them about how they can deal with social situations where they feel pressured to drink. You should also make a plan with them if they do drink. Let them know that if they get drunk you will help them get home safely. Reiterate that they must not drive drunk. You don’t want to encourage them to drink of course, but if they know they can call you, they will be more likely to be home safely for the lecture you want to give them.

The only chance we have against the epidemic of underage drinking and deaths due to underage drinking is talk with our kids about the consequences, and make sure they know that we support them and will help them stay safe, even when they mess up.

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