Addicts and alcoholics experience two forms of desire to use drugs and alcohol. The first, physical cravings, will subside over time as long as they remain abstinent. The second, mental obsession, will take a bit more work. Some people remain sober for years without ever really learning how to beat mental obsession for good. A long term Florida rehab helps addicts to recover and prevent future relapse by teaching them the skills they need to both prevent mental obsession from taking over and to fight it off when it takes hold. Below are three ways of beating mental obsession that you will learn in addiction therapy.

Work a Daily Recovery Program

Not everyone who suffers from addiction can work the exact same program. The National Institute on Drug Abuse even acknowledges this fact in their principles of effective treatment. An effective long term Florida rehab will look at each individual as a unique case, factoring the details of their story into a treatment plan that will teach them how to beat mental obsession on a long term basis. Furthermore, effective addiction treatment will account for the fact that many addicts and alcoholics suffer from co-occurring disorders that may influence their temptations to use. No matter what the specifics of the case, however, everyone will learn how to enact the principles of their treatment plan on a daily basis. Ongoing recovery requires ongoing effort.

Find Ways to Feel More Fulfilled

Your daily recovery program may include support group meetings and other recovery-based endeavors, but this alone will not provide the self-fulfillment you need to fight off mental obsession. As you work with your clinical team in a long term Florida rehab, one of your goals should be to determine healthy activities that allow you to feel a sense of natural joy. This may include exercise, meditation, or other activities that make you happy.

When searching for answers regarding how to beat mental obsession, you should also be seeking a sense of purpose. This can be as simple as finding a job that makes you feel useful or accomplished. For the best chances of success, try to specifically identify activities that you would not be able to pursue while using drugs and alcohol.

Put Your Focus on Someone Else

Sometimes, the best solution to fighting mental obsession is to simply refocus your attention to the needs of someone else. Call someone and, instead of telling them that you are struggling, simply ask them about themselves. This can provide a great distraction from whatever emotions or triggers are troubling you.

Many also find that service work makes them feel more accomplished in their recovery, cementing their desire to stay sober. The Secret Society of Serendipitous Service provides dozens of anonymous good deed ideas, many of which can be accomplished with minimal time and effort. Long term drug rehab will expose you to others who deal with the same internal struggles, so it should be easy to remember that everybody needs to experience kindness once in a while. You can be the one to give it to them.

Long Term Florida Rehab

Do you struggle to find your own answers on how to beat mental obsession? The above will get you started, but attending the addiction program at 1st Step Behavioral Health’s long term Florida rehab will take you all the way. Just contact us today and we’ll help you get into treatment at a facility where you will learn to conquer your mental obsession and live a substance-free life of fulfillment.

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