What is Inpatient Rehab?

Inpatient rehabilitation in Boca Raton is very similar to what most people think of when rehab is brought up, because this type of care is in line with what is often portrayed by movies and TV shows. For those who do not know what inpatient rehab is, it is a rehab program where the patient spends all of their time in the facility. And unlike outpatient care at a rehab center, patients who are in an inpatient rehab program will also sleep at the facility every night until they switch from inpatient to outpatient or they finish their stay in rehab.

What Type of Treatment Will I Get in Inpatient Rehab?

When going through inpatient rehab at First Step Behavioral Health, you will receive a few different kinds of treatment designed to address specific aspects of your addiction.

The first of these treatments is detox, which is focused entirely on just getting the drugs or alcohol entirely out of your system. Detox can last a few days to a week or more, and is often considered the most difficult part of rehab. After detox, rehabilitation starts and the patient begins a number of treatments, including  group meetings, cognitive behavioral therapy, and various activities, all of which work to help patients learn to live their day to day lives without returning back to drug and alcohol addiction.

Will I have My Own Room During Rehab and Detox?

There is a small chance that you will have your own space during detox, but most people who go through rehab have a roommate while doing so. However, having a roommate -whether during detox or the rest of rehab- is almost irrelevant since you will be spending a far majority of your time awake out of your quarters.

If you have any more questions about inpatient rehab in Boca Raton, contact us and we will be glad to talk about your options and help you or a family get enrolled in rehab.

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