Do you have a loved one you are worried about, perhaps because they are using more substances than before? Perhaps they are experiencing health concerns or cannot stop using. It is not always easy to know when a problem exists that requires professional help. You can learn how to know if someone is using drugs, and if they are, you can take steps to get them into treatment.

What Could Be Happening – How to Know If Someone Is Using Drugs

Oftentimes, there are signs someone is doing drugs. They may initially be harder to notice, but if you pay attention to the changes you’re seeing, you may be able to learn if you need to take action. This is especially true in relation to teen drug use. It is important to pay close attention to what’s occurring and how their behavior has changed. Some of the most common signs that someone is using substances include:

  • A need to constantly use: If a loved one is always using, drinking, or using drugs alone, or constantly talking about using, that is an indication of concern.
  • Changes in behavior: New friends, seclusion, and no longer meeting responsibilities could be indications that a person is struggling with drug use.
  • Changes in appearance: Some people struggle with hygiene when they are using substances, while others may lose a significant amount of weight. They may stop taking care of their health.
  • Financial concerns: There may be the need to have more money on hand, or they may be spending money that should go towards other expenses on substances. This may lead to the desire to steal. 
  • Legal concerns: Those using substances may be more likely to engage in risky behavior, which could include stealing but also driving recklessly.

How to Find Out if Your Teenager Is Using Drugs

For those who are worried about their teen and drug or alcohol use, it may feel like it is impossible. As a parent, you may need to pay close attention to what you see happening.

  • Are they spending time with different friends?
  • Do they display mood swings more than they used to?
  • Do you find paraphernalia in their room?
  • Are they getting into trouble at school or struggling with their grades?
  • Do they often need money?

When you notice a significant change in your child’s behaviors, that is when you should be concerned about any potential drug or alcohol use. Teenagers may always seem to be moody, but what is most important to notice here is significant shifts.

How to Help Someone Get Sober

When you learn how to know if someone is using drugs, coming to the conclusion that they are means starting the conversation about what should happen. If you are concerned about a teenager, it is very important that you take action to find out what could be happening. Have an open and honest conversation with them.

Avoid blaming or accusing. Try to talk without anger or frustration. Instead, focus on the very specific things you are seeing. For example, you may notice that their grades are struggling or that they are no longer interested in the same things. You may find yourself unsure what could happen and want to know how to help.

Approaching in a positive manner opens the door for healthy conversations. It also enables you to be able to offer help that is constructive and beneficial to them. It may be that they need treatment. They may just need some help making better decisions or managing underlying mental health disorders.

Don’t put off the conversation. Have it and be honest about your concerns. Even if they are not ready to talk to you about it just yet, they know that they can approach you when there is a need.

When You Know They Need Help, Reach Out

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