Addiction is an insidious disease that tends to start small. You may have felt in the past that you were fully in control of your drug use (whether legal or illegal) but now feel your life is spiraling away from you. Professionals at South Florida Rehab Centers are ready to help you clear your system of dangerous addictive substances and build a path to a brighter, safer future.

The first crucial step in getting on the path to wellness is a carefully monitored drug detox program. Reducing your physical dependence will free your body from the aching need for the drug, enabling you to prepare your mind and spirit for growth away from the drug.

Addiction is a complicated illness and involves every aspect of your body and mind. The dangers of physical withdrawal are well-known. By providing you with a carefully monitored program of physical detox, we can help to prepare you to see a new path in life.

Restructuring Your Thoughts

Once you’ve been freed of the physical craving for a substance, many in recovery benefit from inpatient rehab. Whether your alcohol and/or drug abuse are tied to mental health concerns or not, your brain and body have been altered and possibly damaged by exposure to the toxins in the drugs you’ve been using.

Inpatient rehab offers you the chance to change behavioral patterns that were tied to drug abuse. The use of the word “habit” when referring to addictive substances such as opioids is accurate. The brain receptors that receive opiates are demanding and endlessly ready for another dosage. Successful rehab will include treatments such as group therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy to help you build new habits by creating new brain pathways for successful growth away from drug use.

Rebuilding Your Path

After successful inpatient rehab, continuing with outpatient rehab will help you build new social connections and maintain a healthy path. Drug addiction and alcoholism are diseases of community as well as the individual. Whether you have a history of prescription drugs such as oxycodone, legal drugs such as alcohol, or illegal drugs such as methamphetamine or cocaine, it’s highly likely that your social structure made access to drugs possible or at least easier.

By participating in intensive outpatient rehab, you will be able to spot these social triggers and build better connections with people who will help you make healthier choices and avoid exposure to addictive substances.

Final Thoughts

Every stage of your life will require a dedication to change if you plan to move past it. Whether you’re trying to educate your mind or free you body from dangerous drugs, your work and commitment to the process is the deciding factor in your success. However, expert guidance will help you direct your efforts more effectively. Contact our South Florida Rehab Center today to take the first step back to yourself.

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