A drug overdose is a devastating event. Some overdoses are fatal, but they can all be a serious wake-up call. If you or someone you care about has survived an overdose, it’s time to take action. These are some steps to follow as you recover from an overdose.

Address Any Imminent Medical Needs for a Drug Overdose

The first and most important step in recovery is addressing any serious medical problems. An overdose can cause countless issues, and many will require ongoing medical attention.

Individuals who overdose on drugs may have cardiac problems, gastrointestinal issues or difficulty breathing. Additionally, they might experience memory loss or could have dangerously low vital signs. It’s crucial to treat all of these immediately.

Although the desire to move to detox and rehab is a good thing, you’ll want to focus on seeking emergency medical care first. The stress of quitting drugs may put unnecessary pressure on the body, which could make some problems worse. Getting stable comes first, and that might need to happen in a hospital.

Seek Out Professional Help

After an overdose, it’s normal to realize that something has to change. Although that increase in motivation and drive is fantastic, it’s not always enough to lead to lasting recovery. To make a true change that lasts for a lifetime, you’ll need professional assistance.

There are a number of risks involved with quitting drugs cold turkey at home. Even with the best of intentions, individuals can struggle with intense cravings as well as withdrawal symptoms. When people don’t seek treatment, these symptoms could become serious problems.

In an environment with medical supervision, patients are able to recover safely and securely. Any lingering problems from the overdose receive attention, but the focus will still be on sustainable addiction recovery. Patients get help from a range of medical professionals, each of whom can ease patient discomfort and help them work towards recovery.

Consider the Best Rehab Options For Lasting Sobriety

After a drug overdose, it’s important to consider the best rehab options for recovery. The most intensive option is the 24/7 inpatient program, where patients spend all of their days and nights in a secure treatment facility. Other options include a partial hospitalization program, an outpatient program or an intensive outpatient program.

Each of these drug treatment programs should include medical supervision, frequent physical exams, and ongoing drug tests. This ensures that patients are healthy and sober throughout treatment. There should also be a variety of treatment methods available so that an overdose never happens again. Some of these methods could include:

  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Holistic therapies like acupuncture and massage
  • Relapse prevention programs
  • Sober living and companionship options
  • Individual talk therapy
  • Group and family therapy

If you’ve been through one drug overdose, you know how traumatic and dangerous it can be. Prevent any future overdoses by recovering at 1st Step Behavioral Health in Pompano Beach, Florida. Call (855) 425-4846 to find the best drug addiction recovery treatment program for you and to start creating your own path to health, happiness, and recovery.

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