An addiction to drugs or alcohol grips a good amount of this country, and this widespread problem spans all the way down to South Florida. Many of the community suffer from this chronic disease. Drugs and alcohol are addictive substances that alter the user’s brain in a way that eventually causes a chemical dependence and a psychological addiction, clutching the person who is struggling from the addiction to a drugs or alcohol in its metaphorical grasp, making it nearly impossible to get free. Intoxicating and addictive substances can range from substances that are prescribed by a doctor to treat a legitimate medical ailment, all the way to a drug made and bought on the street. Some addictive substances are illicit like meth, and others are perfectly legal, like alcohol. Intoxicating substances are administered or taken in many different ways. Some of the means of taking a drug or even consuming alcohol make the substance even more dangerous.

Some common ways drugs are taken:

  • Snorted in the form of a powder
  • Injected into the vein of a user or injected into their muscle
  • Eaten in food that is infused with the substance, such as with a marijuana “edible”
  • Taken as a pill – tablet or capsule
  • Consumed in some kind of liquid form – mixed with water or alcohol
  • Smoked in a pipe, bong, or rolled joint – a cigarette like item
  • Used through subdermal patches on the skin, like a fentanyl patch
  • Through suppositories – absorbed by the anal mucous membrane

These addictive drugs or alcohol attach themselves to the pleasure centers of the brain, intoxicating the user and often offering them a sense of happiness that they fail to find in their everyday life. A person suffering from a drug or alcohol chemical dependency feels not only a want to use the intoxicant, but a desperate need to. This is because eventually the person using the drug or consuming the alcohol experiences a change in brain chemistry that makes it imperative that the addict use in order for their body to continue functioning. The body has adapted to the frequent and persistent use of the drug. The only hope for someone struggling with this chronic disease is to seek comprehensive treatment at an addiction recovery facility.

There’s Hope in South Florida Detox and Drug Rehab

1st Step Behavioral Health offers a tiered approach to substance abuse treatment. Florida has a deep need for drug and alcohol abuse treatment that takes into consideration the unique qualities of each individual patient. At 1st Step you’ll find a caring staff of licensed medical professionals and qualified therapists who can answer questions and who will help you build a recovery plan for you.

Contact us today to start laying down the foundation for that plan.

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