When a person is struggling with alcohol addiction, finding treatment is one of the most important steps to take. Yet, not all health insurance companies offer coverage.Blue Cross Blue Shield alcohol treatmentcoverage can differ from one policy to the next. However, most of the BCBS health insurance policies cover drug rehab and alcohol addiction treatment.

If you have this type of health insurance, it’s likely you can get most or all of your treatment costs covered with your policy through 1st Step’s alcohol treatment program. 1st Step Behavioral Health is an alcohol rehabilitation center that is in network with Blue Cross Blue Shield and accepts patients that have BCBS as an insurance provider. Please contact us here with questions regarding your insurance policy for alcohol addiction therapy.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Alcohol TreatmentPolicies

Typically, Blue Cross Blue Shield provides alcohol treatment through its health insurance policies. Coverage types and amounts differ from one state and plan to another, though. If you are unsure if your coverage includes treatment for addiction, you can contact your insurer to learn more about the policy’s key features and definitions.

Another alternative is to contact the rehab center you are considering enrolling in and allow them to verify your coverage. This tends to be the ideal option because it allows the treatment center to be sure that the coverage you need is available through your policy and the amount of that protection. They can often check your coverage within a few minutes and give you a specific answer about what you can expect.

What Type of Alcohol Treatment Does BCBS Cover?

You will need to verify the details of your specific plan to determine if alcohol treatment is covered and what types of care may be provided. In most situations, the insurance policies will offer coverage for most of your needs. This may include:

  • Detox programs:Some policies cover detox, a process in which your body works to remove substances naturally while you receive medical care and support. Detox is often an in-person program, though outpatient treatments with medications may be available.
  • Inpatient programs:Residential treatment or inpatient alcohol rehab may be an option covered by your insurance policy. This type of care is typically in place for a set number of days, ranging from 30 to 90. When you verify your coverage, you can learn how long your policy will provide this type of care to you under the policy’s terms.
  • Partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient care:If you qualify for these types of programs, your policy may help to cover many of your needs. This includes your appointments with your therapists and team, as well as medications that you may need.
  • Mental health care:Many men and women struggling with alcohol addiction also battle ongoing mental health challenges. Your BCBS health insurance policy is likely to cover mental health care needs, including therapy and medications deemed important to you.
  • Outpatient therapy:It is not uncommon for these insurance policies to also cover outpatient therapy. This type of therapy allows you to live at home while you visit a treatment center for therapy one or more times a week.

Your first step should be to reach out to a treatment center to determine what type of care is best suited for you. The drug and alcohol treatment center can verify your coverage within moments to determine if they can provide services to you.

What to Do Before Agreeing to Care

Most people worry about the costs associated with alcohol treatment. There are a few things you can do to reduce your concerns with more information.

  • Be sure the treatment center is covered by your insurance policy. The rehab center can verify this for you.
  • Determine what type of care you may need. With an initial assessment, the treatment team will gain more insight into the type of care you may need. They can then help you determine if your insurance covers it.
  • Find out how long therapy lasts. Some insurance policies will cap coverage at a certain number of days. Others will pay out until a specific amount is met for the year.
  • Find out what type of mental health insurance coverage you have for the type of condition you are most likely facing.
  • Ask the treatment center to help you learn about any out-of-pocket costs that you may have to pay outside of insurance. This is not uncommon.

Are You Unsure If You Have Coverage?

Blue Cross Blue Shield alcohol treatmentcoverage may be available to you. The easiest way to find out if your insurance policy will pay for your alcohol addiction therapy is by contacting us. You can also reach out to our admissions team by call or text today at (855) 425-4846. Speak to the admissions counselor about what you are facing and what your needs are. They can then gather some basic information from you and verify your insurance coverage.

Getting into treatment may be easier to do than you realize. The sooner you do this the sooner you can be on the path to a healthier, happier, fulfilling life. Be sure to ask about any support programs that may be available to help cover the cost of your care otherwise.

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