Though cannabis legalization is occurring around the country, that doesn’t mean this substance is safe to use. Many people can develop a substance use disorder, also known as an addiction, to it. Cannabis is not addictive to everyone, but for those who use it consistently, it can cause health complications and dependence. If that could be something you’re facing, consider these common cannabis use disorder symptoms and if they could be happening to you.

Common Cannabis Use Disorder Symptoms

How do you know you’re developing cannabis use disorder? Could your family member have it? The following are some of the most common cannabis use disorder symptoms that often indicate treatment is necessary and could be beneficial.

  • Increased amount used: A person may need to use more cannabis to get the desired effect. That occurs due to the development of tolerance, where the body becomes used to the smaller amount but craves more.
  • Cravings: A common sign of dependence is the onset of cravings. Thinking about marijuana or your next dose constantly is an indication of this. You may also find yourself constantly feeling the need to smoke it, even after you’ve already done so recently.
  • Trying to stop and failing: Many people think they can stop using it whenever they want, only to find out that they can’t. They continue to find themselves back to using it.
  • Reckless behavior: Engaging in reckless behavior, like driving a car while high, is another common sign of this condition. Engaging in any type of reckless behavior could be an indication of increasing dependence.
  • Withdrawing from friends and family: It’s not uncommon for people to find themselves no longer wanting to be around family and friends but instead wanting to spend more time just using cannabis. You don’t dislike those people, but you may just want to be more alone.
  • Hiding use: Even those who use cannabis with friends may find themselves not wanting to let others know how much they are using. That often indicates you may be using too much of the drug.
  • Withdrawal symptoms: When not using cannabis for any length of time, a person with an addiction will likely feel withdrawal symptoms, which can involve physical pain and discomfort as well as constant cravings for the drugs.

In addition to these symptoms, those with cannabis disorder may begin to experience more intense complications to their health, such as the onset of physical and psychological problems. Many people will continue to use a large amount of these substances, which could lead to health complications related to the heart, liver, kidneys, and lungs.

What Cannabis Use Disorder Treatment Options Are There?

If you find yourself or a loved one using cannabis frequently or have some of the symptoms listed here, it is beneficial to seek out care. The type of treatment best suited for your situation is dependent on a number of factors, including the health complications you are having and the severity of your use. Most importantly, you’ll need to work through the underlying challenges that put you on the path to using these substances.

Some of the cannabis use disorder treatment options that may be available to you include:

  • Detox (though not often needed, this may be necessary if you are using more than one type of drug)
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy is a type of treatment that helps change the way you think to help minimize the onset of using substances
  • Holistic treatment to help improve your overall physical wellbeing
  • Talk therapy could include additional types of therapy designed to address the reasons for your use
  • Medications may be available to help you manage withdrawal but also may be used as a way to treat underlying health conditions you may have developed
  • Mental health disorder diagnosis and treatment may be necessary for those with addiction as well as depression, anxiety, or other mental health disorders.

If you’re battling addiction, take action. The sooner you do, the more likely you are to find a treatment option that is fitting to your needs. The key here is that cannabis use disorder can worsen and may lead to the onset of using other, often more powerful and deadly drugs, just to get the satisfaction your body and brain are craving.

For most people, treatment can be effective. That includes no longer using but also working to restore physical and mental health and improving your overall quality of life.

Discuss Your Options with the Admissions Team

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