Detox from Substance Abuse and the Start of Your New Life

The whole world is filled with new experiences and opportunities, but while it might be a wonderful place for some, for others, it’s just a little bit darker. They’re seeing the world through the haze of drugs, which might make the world alright for awhile, but once withdrawal starts kicking in, the illusion begins to fade. There’s no life that can really be made any better with drugs. Luckily, there are options for detox in Broward County and the rest of South Florida for those who want to be free of a world where drugs dictate how they feel, and doing so can be one of the most empowering things a person can do for themselves.


Recognize the Situation

The first stage of medical recovery is identification, and in order to escape an addiction, one first needs to realize they’re trapped in one. If you or someone you know uses illegal drugs or abuses legal medication, it’s important to realize just how dangerous a situation that is, and to want to escape from the grip of addiction. In order for rehab to be most effective, it needs to start from a desire to change from the person themselves.



Once you begin rehab, the biggest hurdle is the first one: confronting withdrawal head on. Once, this was something to be avoided by taking a new dose of the chemical. In rehab, this is just the first part of detoxification. The drug leaves the system, and the patient and clinical staff prepare to deal with the consequences of this. For some, the detox process can even take place from home, though this is generally discouraged as clinical care is much safer.



After detox, there are still many resources available to help those who want to commit to their lifestyle change. There is access to psychological help and support meetings, and other things. Rehab clinics are full of people who know how best to help someone trying to reclaim their life after being in the grip of drugs, and if a patient asks, they’ll get an honest answer and oftentimes a point in the right direction.


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Myths About Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol Use Disorder is Highly Misunderstood

Although it is the most widely used inebriating substance on the planet, there are still a large number of myths surrounding alcohol abuse and alcoholism. In this article we will be looking at the more prevalent of those myths, and we will set the record straight.


Alcohol Myths

Other than a small number of cultures and countries that have banned alcohol consumption entirely, all kinds of alcohol be it wine, liquor, beer, or any other type of alcoholic beverage are drank worldwide. Still, that doesn’t mean there are not misconceptions about the substance.


Alcoholics could quit whenever they want.

Contrary to this exceedingly common alcohol myth, alcohol can be tremendously addictive to almost anyone who consumes and abuses alcohol over a period of time. The longer someone keeps using alcohol, the more difficult it is to quit using it to the point that it is one of the most addictive substances someone can use. Because of that, alcoholics have a much more difficult time ending their addiction than most people believe it to be.


Someone with an addiction to alcohol can’t take control of their life.

Though alcohol use disorder can lead to making a variety of bad decisions, the addiction isn’t to blame for those decisions – you’re still the one behind the wheel, so to speak.


Everybody drinks and drinking everyday is perfectly fine.

This line of thinking is very dangerous. First of all, not everybody drinks. Second, though it might be safe to have a single glass of wine with dinner on most days, many people believe that drinking alcohol everyday is safe to the point of consuming as much on a daily basis that you might drink during a social event.


Rehab for alcohol use disorder is a waste of time.  

At our alcohol rehab facility in Pompano Beach, we have seen case after case of successfully finishing rehab for a long time. That alone shows that rehab isn’t a waste of time, and it should be looked into by anyone who is suffering from alcoholism and would like to quit.


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How Alcohol Rehab in Pompano Can Help You Quit Drinking for Good

Time Away from Bad Influences

One of the most important parts of alcohol rehab in Pompano is getting time and space away from the people and things in your life that lead you to drinking. This can be specific friends or family as well as locations. During rehab, you will be able figure out exactly what influences you to keep drinking and how to go about your life without letting them control you.


Learn to Spend Time Without Drinking

Almost every day at alcohol rehab in Pompano, you will find yourself with personal time to reflect on what you have learned that day. During these periods, you will start to understand that you actually can have free time without resorting to alcohol. Sometimes in life there just isn’t much to do, and you need to be okay with that.


Figure Out Who You Are and Who You Want to Be

A lot of rehab is simply learning about what kind of person you are and how to change yourself to be the kind of person that you have always wanted to be. This is something that many people, even those who are not addicted to any kind of substance, deal with for long periods of their lives, and you will be able to figure yourself out better than most.


Meet Others Who Want to Quit

You will be encouraged by the stories of other people going through rehab and the difficulties they have faced. Likewise, they will be encouraged by your words. These are the people that you will find yourself spending most of your time at rehab with, and they will likely become good friends of yours. With them, you will be able to return to your regular life in Pompano with a good friend who is also looking to have fun without drinking, thereby strengthening your resolve and helping you quit alcohol for good.