Meth addiction is one that is even more difficult to treat than opioids, often resulting in troubling and violent behavior. 

Crystal Meth formerly known as methamphetamine has surged nationwide, along with its availability, affordability, and potency. To emphasize this point, in 2007 meth was considered 41 percent pure, and in 2016 it became twice as potent at 82 percent. What was once an opioid crisis, now has become a meth addiction crisis, and as studies show, Missouri ranks number one for meth manufacturing and is regarded as the meth production state capital. 

For those desperate to end their drug use, navigating the complex array of substance abuse treatment options can be difficult. Access to treatment in America presents a cruel irony, as sometimes getting drugs seems easier than getting help. If you find yourself in this position, don’t get discouraged from seeking the care that could save your life today.