Lately, there has been a huge number of news stories focusing on how there is an opioid addiction epidemic that seems like it is truly taking over the country. However, alcohol is still used and abused by many more people than opioids – it just doesn’t get reported on because alcohol has always been available and since drinking alcohol is not necessarily seen as a problem by most people in South Florida. The thing is, though, that there are a number of problems and symptoms associated with alcohol abuse and alcoholism that can lead to many serious events and afflictions, even death in some extreme situations.

Alcohol is More Dangerous than People Think

And although alcohol can be so dangerous, the fact mentioned earlier that alcohol is and has been legal in our country for all but a handful of years (remember prohibition?), people just assume that it’s perfectly safe to use other than in situations where inebriation impairs coordination leading to accidents and injuries. They don’t think there’s going to be any effects from the alcohol itself. Nevertheless, that just is not true. In fact, alcohol is one of the most dangerous substances that people can consume – even when compared to many illegal drugs.

Getting Help

Still, if you or someone you know is has developed or is developing an addiction to alcohol, you should take immediate steps to try to keep alcoholism from taking root. While people who don’t know better will often try sharing alcohol again and again after receiving alcohol treatment, those situations are exactly what are addressed during rehab – how to deal with difficult situations without returning to alcohol or another substance.

It’s Not Going Anywhere

There just is not going to be another time when alcohol is outlawed again – at least not in our lifetimes – and because of that it will always have some sort of presence in life. But that doesn’t mean you have to drink, relapse, or abuse the stuff. Contact us to learn more about South Florida alcohol treatment or to schedule the beginning of an alcohol rehab program.

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