Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder is a neurodevelopmental disorder that often impacts children and adolescents. But, this disorder, usually referred to as ADHD, is also very prevalent amongst adults as it often continues to affect people even after childhood is over.

ADHD impacts the way people behave and react to various situations. It often creates challenges and difficulties in the daily lives of those who deal with it. In order to help normalize and regulate their lives, many people use Adderall and other ADHD meds to help treat the effects of ADHD.

However, although these medications are meant to help people overcome the negative effects of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, they can actually cause a lot of problems. They can impact people’s mental health and, sometimes, these medications can even create a dangerous risk of psychosis.

Unfortunately, many people become dependent on ADHD medications, eventually leading to overuse, abuse, and maybe even addiction. So, it’s very important to end the harmful use of Adderall and other ADHD meds in order to stop the adverse effects, including addiction and psychological disturbances.

If you or someone you know is living with ADHD, treatment and therapy for medication dependence can help. You can find freedom from substance abuse and addiction and avoid the dangers of psychosis.

Let’s talk a little more about attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and how it impacts the lives of those who are living with it.

When You’re Living With ADHD: Symptoms and Effects

If you have been diagnosed with attention-deficit hyperactivity or you know someone else who has, then you may know about some of the ways in which ADHD affects people. This disorder is often the cause of problems in school, at home, and in relationships and social interactions.

Those who suffer from ADHD may struggle in many different areas of life. This disorder tends to hinder people from successfully interacting with others and it can be very difficult for individuals to express what they’re dealing with. This can cause misunderstandings and lead to depression.

So, it’s best to understand how ADHD affects people and what these individuals go through as a result of having this disorder. This knowledge will also help individuals to learn how to best help their loved ones who are living with this disorder.

Some of the common symptoms and effects of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder are:

  • Fidgeting
  • Trouble focusing
  • Frequent interruption
  • Excessive talkativeness
  • Lack of organizational skills
  • Careless activity or behavior
  • Impulsivity (acting without thinking)
  • Uncontrollable activity (hyperactivity)
  • Problems with concentration and focus
  • Forgetfulness and memory problems

Often times, those who are dealing with ADHD may struggle to keep up with responsibilities and important tasks. It can be difficult for them to succeed in school or excel at work.

Many individuals have trouble connecting with others and building friendships and relationships. Social interaction can become a big challenge for those who have ADHD.

Living with ADHD can certainly be difficult and challenging. So, it’s easy to understand why many people turn to Adderall and other ADHD meds in order to address the symptoms of this disorder.

But, although medical professionals prescribe these medications in order to help those who are dealing with ADHD, it’s important to understand that these meds can also cause problems for those who use them.

ADHD Medications Often Lead to Trouble

In many cases, people who are living with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder are prescribed medications like Adderall in order to treat the effects and symptoms of ADHD.

This disorder tends to prevent people from being alert and remaining focused. Adderall and other ADHD meds are known as stimulants. They work to help increase mental alertness. They’re meant to help people to focus better. But, in addition to these results of Adderall use, people can also experience unpleasant effects.

Stimulants are often potent and strong, which means that they can be highly addictive. So, people who use them regularly are definitely at risk for developing a substance dependence problem.

Most adults who are suffering from ADHD have jobs to maintain, family responsibilities to carry out, and school projects to complete. It can be very difficult to take care of these things when it’s a struggle to focus.

This is why many people turn to Adderall use. After all, this medication is supposed to help people to become more alert and aware. But, the truth is, these medications can actually cause issues with mental health rather than helping people to become more mentally aware and healthy.

A recent study found that about 1 in 660 patients who used prescription stimulants to treat ADHD developed symptoms of psychosis. Since millions of people are currently living with this disorder, it’s clear that the number of people who deal with psychosis after using Adderall and other ADHD meds for a while is very large.

How Does Adderall Use Lead to Psychosis and Other Mental Problems?

Those who are using prescription stimulants in order to treat attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder may begin to suffer from physical changes in the brain. This can lead to major shifts in cognitive activity and can cause symptoms of psychosis to appear.

Unfortunately, stimulants’ effects on the brain are often intense and serious. Excessive Adderall use can cause people to become depressed and struggle with harmful thoughts, including suicidal thoughts.

After using this medication for a while, individuals may also suffer from sleep problems, including insomnia. Nausea, anxiety, and weight loss are other physical effects of Adderall use. But, again, mental and cognitive effects could also appear in the lives of those who use and abuse Adderall and other ADHD meds.

Many of the individuals who use these medications for a while begin to develop symptoms and signs of psychosis. These include:

  • Lethargy
  • Paranoia
  • Hallucinations

Sometimes, people may have difficulty focusing. Many have trouble controlling their actions and behaviors; they may become irritable, agitated, and even aggressive. These symptoms can be harmful to the individual as well as his or her loved ones. So, it’s best to get help in treating medication dependence as well as ADHD right away.

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