Common Questions About South Florida Residential Treatment

How does residential detox differ from intensive outpatient rehab?

Although the scheduled rehab treatment settings of residential detox and intensive outpatient rehab are the same, the fundamental difference between the two rehab options is in the living conditions once the patient’s treatments are done for the day. In intensive outpatient rehab, the patient will be able to go home at the end of the day and sleep there overnight. On the other hand, patients in a residential rehab program are assigned to an apartment-style living space in or very near the rehab center campus.


Do I qualify to go into a residential rehab program?

To qualify to go into residential detox, you will have to first undergo a medical and psychological evaluation. From there, many people will be placed into an inpatient rehab program. After getting the substance cleared from your body and learning a number of ways to overcome addiction, you may go into residential care.

Additionally, some of our patients can get into residential detox without having gone through inpatient rehab. Usually this is done for those who no longer have any withdrawal symptoms that might require immediate help any time day or night, but they’re not ready to return home quite yet.


Do I get my own room during residential detox in South Florida?

This question is pretty conditional and, as such, having your own room during a residential program will be determined by a few factors. These include things like the rehab center’s population and other special circumstances that would let patients have their own room.


Does residential detox really work?

In all honesty, yes residential detox works. Although our bias in this regard might be obvious, the fact of the matter is that we have personally seen addict after addict overcome their substance abuse problem and live a life of comfortable sobriety.

To learn for yourself how effective our South Florida residential treatment is, contact us now.


Why Inpatient Treatment in Pompano Works

There are quite a few different types of drug and alcohol abuse rehab options available, but the most well known of them is inpatient rehab. That is because inpatient treatment in Pompano is consistently effective and is also the type of drug and alcohol abuse most commonly portrayed in entertainment media like in TV shows and movies.


Detox and Getting Away from Drugs

Although it can probably go without saying, one of the most effective parts of inpatient treatment in Pompano Beach is the fact that you are put into a situation where you can’t get the drug or drugs you’re addicted to. This is a remarkably simple thing that most people don’t put much thought into other than their occasional frustrating cravings during detox and rehab, but it’s likely the single most effective part of going through inpatient treatment in Pompano for an addiction to drugs.


Figuring Out What Triggers Your Addiction

Spending time away from drugs and alcohol during rehab is obviously important, but that doesn’t necessarily help very much once you finish your time in an inpatient rehab program. In knowing that addiction is much more than just physical dependency, rehab centers also help patients discover what places, actions and people are part of the reason they abused drugs. Learning how to identify these triggers during inpatient treatment will help you keep away from them and thereby increase your chances of staying sober.


Learn Strategies to Prevent Relapse

Beyond determining your triggers and avoiding them, some of the things learned during inpatient treatment in Pompano Beach are methods for controlling yourself when craving the drug you were addicted to. These techniques are particularly useful, and when you take into consideration that you can’t always avoid everything that frustrates you, annoys you, or otherwise triggers drug cravings, they are also one of the most important things learned about in rehab.


Curious about inpatient treatment in Pompano? Give us a call today to discuss starting one of our rehab programs and find out for yourself how effective our substance abuse treatment can be.

Health Insurance Coverage for Rehab Services

Is Rehab Really Expensive?

For some, the only people they ever hear about going to rehab are celebrities. Because of this, they end up believing that the cost of rehab in Pompano or anywhere else is prohibitively expensive. The thing is, though, that there are actually quite a few ways to help an addict pay for substance abuse treatment services, and there are options available to everyone who is looking for help quitting drugs or alcohol.


Will My Health Insurance Pay for Rehab?

Many insurance companies will certainly pay for the cost of your rehabilitation, and this is probably the best way to cover the financial part of rehab. Not every health insurance company or plan will pay for rehab, though.

To find out if your health insurance plan allows for rehab and what types of rehab services might be available to you, contact First Step Behavioral Health directly – we have much experience dealing with insurance companies and may be able to get approval from companies that have previously denied you coverage.


What are My Options if Insurance Won’t Cover Rehab?

If health insurance isn’t working for you, there are still a handful of ways you can pay for rehab. These options include paying for services out of your pocket, making monthly payments, or receiving grants.


Out of Pocket

For those with the financial means to do so, paying for rehab out of pocket means getting the care you need without having to worry about any further financial responsibility. In most cases, people who need rehab won’t have the money immediately available to pay for rehab. Still, it’s not uncommon for large families to pool their money together to help a family member get treatment for his or her alcohol or drug abuse.


Monthly Payments

The majority of rehab centers will offer financing for rehab where the addict’s treatment is paid for through payments made over the course of a few months or years. While this does make rehab much more affordable in Pompano, this option should only be used if every other payment option is unavailable.



Alcohol and drug addiction is a major concern for both local and national governments. Because of that, there are grants available from them that helps people cover the cost of rehab. To apply for a federal grant for substance abuse treatment, visit the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration grants page. If that grant isn’t available to you, give us a call and we will discuss Florida’s grants for rehab and how you can apply for them. Many people look for Alcohol Detox centers near me, and we can help you find one.