5 Things to Expect from Drug Addiction Rehab in Pompano

5 Things to Expect from Drug Addiction Rehab in Pompano

If you are scheduled to start at a drug addiction rehab center in Pompano soon, you’re likely curious as to what kind of things you should expect once you check in for the first time. The following is five things that you’ll encounter when in rehab.

1. Detox is Not Fun

Although the drug addiction rehab centers in Pompano and around the rest of the country look and feel a lot like luxury resorts (1st Step Behavioral Health, included), your first days in rehab will certainly not be a vacation. No matter what substance addiction you are looking to break, there are withdrawal symptoms that come both physically and mentally during drug detox.

For example someone fighting alcoholism, which is an addiction that many people believe is easy to get away from, can go through a huge range of symptoms that range from lack of appetite and headaches to grand mal seizures and hallucinations. Like alcohol, most addictive drugs and substances, including medicines that may -or may not- have been prescribed by your doctor will have its own collection of withdrawal symptoms to look out for. Furthermore, it is these severe symptoms that make inpatient rehab treatment much safer for most patients.

2. Help Others with Their Addiction

One thing you probably didn’t consider is that there is a social aspect to rehab. In group meetings and private conversations, you will tell your story and offer other rehab patients kind words and emotional support. By doing so, you will be helping others build and keep the strength to continue with their rehabilitation efforts.

3. Build a Support Network

The people that you help at the drug addiction rehab center in Pompano will also be supporting and helping you, too. Among them, you will forge connections that continue into your life. Together with others who have gone through similar situations as you, you will build a support network that works toward keeping everyone sober. Along with these personal connections, you will also learn about and gain access to substance abuse specialists, therapists, and more.

4. Express Your Thoughts and Feelings

This is the one part of going to a Pompano rehab center that people really get nervous about. They are afraid that they will need to get in front of a big group and gush every little detail about their life and addiction. However, in real rehab, you will only offer information that you are comfortable with sharing. Still, if you’re not comfortable talking about those things at all, you will likely be asked to write in a journal about how you feel and what you’re going through. And, no, you won’t be forced to share the journal entries either.

5. Learn Life Skills

Along with learning a variety of methods to deal with the intense cravings that come with ending an addiction, you will also learn ways to simply lead a better, healthier life. This includes learning about thinks like cooking for proper nutrition, seeking education and employment, and much more. These life skills help patients on a path to fully turn their lives around after having gone through so much difficulty due to an addiction.

Beating Your Addiction and Avoiding Drug Relapse in Florida

Beating Your Addiction and Avoiding Drug Relapse in Florida

Are you ready to take the necessary steps to break away from your alcoholism or drug addiction and leave your history of substance abuse in the past? If you have come to this conclusion and are trying to quit using the substance that has taken control of your life, the first thing we would like to say is “Congratulations!”

Just coming to the conclusion that you need to make a change in your life is a huge step. That likewise applies if you have spent weeks, months, or even years trying to quit the drug or drugs on your own and you now realize that you need help. Either way, you are starting to make progress down a path in your life that leads to sobriety, which can have a profoundly beneficial effect on all parts of your life.

Picking a South Florida Rehab Center

When it comes to quitting an addiction, doing so cold turkey can be nearly impossible, especially if you have a heroin addiction, you are abusing narcotic pharmaceutical painkillers, you have a co-occurring substance addiction, or you have untreated mental health issues. That is not to imply that quitting an addiction under any other circumstance is by any means easy – every addiction and path to sobriety is as unique and varied as the individuals who are in need of treatment.

Contact a South Florida rehab center that offers the type of detox and rehabilitation that works with your health insurance or budget, then discuss the best routes to sobriety that are available to you. You must also weigh the pros and cons of outpatient rehab versus inpatient treatment and choose the best South Florida rehab center for you.

Detox and Drug Addiction Treatment

Whether you choose residential or outpatient rehab, your initial period with a rehab center will be focused on detox. The detox period is generally the most challenging part of quitting a substance that you are addicted to, which is one of the main reasons that trying to quit an addiction cold turkey is so difficult. And that goes for any addiction, not just drugs and alcohol. For most substances, the peak of difficulty comes the third or fourth day.

After the chemicals have left your system, the rehab center will help you shift your focus from managing the physical withdrawal symptoms you went through during detox to start treating the underlying reasons the addiction started in the first place as well as teaching numerous coping mechanisms you can use during difficult situations in your everyday life.

South Florida Drug Relapse Prevention

With the drugs detoxed from your body and having learned much about yourself, your addiction, and ways to stay away from the substance that used to run your life, your time after rehab in South Florida will be in a new lifestyle of sobriety from the substance you were addicted to. You will notice many improvements to your life and when things get tough and you begin craving the drug, you will use those newfound skills to assuage the addiction pangs.

To get started on your personal journey toward rehabilitation and a sober life, Contact Us with any questions, including determining if your health insurance will cover the cost of rehab.