Meth Addiction Treatment at 1st Step: Taking Your Life Back

Compassionate meth addiction treatment at 1st Step Behavioral Health is here for you. Crystal meth treatment is not a do-it-yourself proposition. 1st Step’s team of experts is here to help you navigate the early stages of recovery and guide you through treatment for your meth addiction. We understand that you have fears about beginning rehab or going through detox. With respectful care and a personalized treatment approach, 1st Step is your ally in achieving a lasting recovery from addiction. Even those who have been resistant to meth addiction treatment in the past have found success at 1st Step.

Why Simultaneous Dual Diagnosis Care Is Part of 1st Step’s Treatment for Meth Addiction

A dual diagnosis is a behavioral health problem that is present along with an addiction. Examples of dual diagnoses include:

Every person is different. For some, using meth or other drugs was a way to control painful or uncontrollable emotions. For others, the drug use caused anxiety, depression or other issues. Whatever the reason, both the meth addiction treatment and the behavioral health therapy must take place at the same time. At 1st Step, we’re experts in dealing with dual diagnoses in patients who require treatment for meth addiction.

Gaining insight into what led to drug use helps our clients create a strong relapse-resistant recovery. Using a combination of group and individual therapy, you work with your treatment team to create a program that is tailored to your unique needs. Your crystal meth treatment plan may include:

Family services are integrated throughout treatment for meth addiction at 1st Step.

Multiple Levels of Meth Addiction Treatment On-Site

Best practices in crystal meth treatment require that someone with an addiction have access to a continuum of care. At 1st Step’s beautiful Florida campus we are proud to offer a broad spectrum of services:

After detox you are more physically ready for the rigors of active rehab. Residential treatment is normally the first important step in meth addiction treatment. 1st Step residential rehab provides a highly structured format along with 24-hour monitoring and support. The first days of rehab can be challenging. The 1st Step team is available day and night to help you in times of doubt or fear.

As you become stronger in your recovery, you are able to transition into lower levels of care. With peer and professional support, you will be able to begin putting your recovery skills to work at home, work, in school or through volunteering. Life becomes normalized, but you will still be taking part in the treatment process to help with this adjustment. Physically and emotionally you’ll begin to experience a true sense of wellness and hope.

Relapse prevention tools and life skills aren’t just something that you’ll talk about at 1st Step. You’ll put them to work in a variety of situations, including sober living recreational outings.

Are you ready to take that 1st Step? That’s what we’re here for!

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