Types of Addiction Counseling

Addiction counseling helps people understand the causes of their addiction. It also teaches them to avoid risk factors and cope under stress. Trained counselors and therapists offer different types of addiction counseling and therapy at personal and group levels.

Types of Personal Counseling

man talking to his therapist about addiction counselingThe purpose of personal counseling is to reduce or stop the use of alcohol or drugs. Counselors help addicts address areas of their lives that may not be so great, such as illegal activity, relationships, school and work. They also help them build healthy coping skills and a sound recovery plan. Take a look at these types of personal addiction counseling.

Types of Group Counseling

Many addiction care centers offer group addiction counseling to create a community of support for addicts. It also promotes alcohol- or drug-free living. During group sessions, the members usually take turns talking and offering support to each other. It might also involve family sessions to mend relationships.

Addiction Counseling at 1st Step Behavioral Health

Located in Pompano Beach, Florida, 1st Step Behavioral Health has a range of counseling options. The main goal of the staff is to create a caring atmosphere for each client. The highlytrained staff is ready to help people who suffer from both addiction and other disorders. Along with counseling and dual diagnosis, the wellness center offers:

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