Deerfield Beach Rehab that can help me with my addiction

Deerfield Beach Rehab | 3 Subtle Signs of Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety disorders and addiction often come hand in hand. Individuals who suffer from anxiety often turn to drugs or alcohol to cope. However, these substances often make anxiety worse. So, below are a few subtle signs of anxiety disorder. Also, if you need help dealing with your anxiety in a healthy way, contact our Deerfield Beach rehab.

Deerfield Beach Rehab that can help with my addiction and anxiety

Constant Worrying

Excessive worrying about small everyday things is a common trait for people with anxiety disorder. Therefore, People that suffer from anxiety have a constant flow of nervous thoughts running through their mind. If you find yourself worrying about hypothetical situations and small scenarios, there might be a bigger issue.

Irrational Fears

Individuals who suffer from anxiety often have irrational fears. They often spend their time worrying about hypothetical irrational situations. If you find that your anxiety is clouding your judgment and logic, it may be time to seek professional help.


Some PTSD symptoms are linked to anxiety disorder. Flashbacks are an example of PTSD and anxiety disorder overlapping. So, when you experience a flashback, your brain is trying to cope with the traumatic situation that occurred. If you have flashbacks, you could be suffering from PTSD and anxiety.

Deerfield Beach Rehab

If your anxiety has led to a substance addiction, seeking treatment for yourself is merely a phone call away. 1st Step Behavioral Health in Deerfield Beach, Florida can help. We offer several alcohol rehab programs and services, including inpatient and outpatient treatment, dual diagnoses treatment, and much more. Seek help to overcome your obstacles with alcohol and drug addiction now. Contact us today, or call us at 866 319-6126 to begin.

Residential detox in Pompano that can help me with my nicotine addiction?

Residential Detox in Pompano | Nicotine Dependence Symptoms

If you have an addiction to nicotine, you most likely can’t stop abusing tobacco products regardless of the consequences. Nicotine puts your brain in a temporary, pleasant mood-altering state. This pleasing feeling leads to dependence on tobacco, which ultimately puts you at risk for heart disease, stroke, and cancer. So, below are the most common symptoms of nicotine dependence. Also, if you are suffering from a nicotine addiction, contact our residential detox in Pompano.

Residential detox in Pompano that can help with nicotine addiction

You Can’t Stop Smoking

You feel like you’ve tried everything to kick the habit, from small to large attempts. Yet you still can’t seem to quit.

You Have Withdrawal Symptoms

When you have attempted to quit, you have experienced withdrawal symptoms. Such as anxiety, cravings, and irritability. Just to name a few…

You Give up Social Activities

You may find yourself only spending time in specific environments that allow smoking. Or, only spending time with fellow smokers, or people that accept your addiction.

You Keep Smoking Despite Health Issues

You have health issues due to smoking, and you know in order to be healthy you have to quit, but you still can’t.

Residential Detox in Pompano

Fight back against your addiction with 1st Step Behavioral Health’s help. The right resources and treatment help you conquer addiction and embrace lifelong recovery. Our available treatment methods available include:

  • Art and music therapy
  • Talk therapy
  • Group and family therapy
  • Relapse treatment
  • Holistic therapies

Nicotine addiction is severe, especially when combined with another addiction. At 1st Step Behavioral Health in Pompano Beach, Florida, you’ll find freedom from addiction. Start conquering your addiction today by contacting us today.

Detox in South Florida that can help me with prescription drug addiction?

Detox in South Florida | What Are the Dangers of Klonopin?

Commonly known as Clonazepam, Klonopin is a prescription drug prescribed to manage panic attacks and seizures. So, this drug is a central nervous system depressant. But, prescriptions of Klonopin are highly popular throughout the United States. So, this makes Klonopin a very common drug for abuse and dependence. Below are some of the effects of Klonopin. Also, If you or your loved one is addicted to Klonopin, contact our detox in south Florida.

Detox in South Florida that can help me with pill addiction?

Short-Term Effects

As a depressant, Klonopin slows the body and the mind. Some short-term effects are:

  • Slowed heart rate with lower blood pressure.
  • Drowsiness
  • Slowed respiration rate

Effects of Overdose

Taking a high dose of Klonopin, mixing it with other prescription drugs, or mixing it with alcohol, can lead to a fatal overdose. Symptoms include:

  • slowed heartbeat
  • Respiratory depression.
  • Chronic memory loss.
  • Incoherent speech.

Long-Term Effects

If someone abuses Klopolin for a long period of time, they will develop a tolerance. So, the individual’s body will soon be unable to function normally without the substance. This is when withdrawal symptoms occur. However, If the individual continues to abuse the drug, the results could be fatal.

Contact Our Detox in South Florida

Are you or your loved one addicted to Klonopin? if so, help is always available. The support and resources at 1st Step Behavioral Health can help you start your journey to sobriety. So, contact us today to find the right treatment program for your lifelong sobriety. You deserve a drug-free life, we are here to help.

Deerfield Beach Reba that can help me with my anxiety and addiction?

Deerfield Beach Rehab | How to Cope with Anxiety in a Healthy Way

40 million Americans are affected by anxiety, making It the most common mental illness in the U.S. Also, Americans often turn to substances to cope with anxiety, which ultimately leads to a very dangerous addiction. So, Below are strategies to help you cope with your anxiety in a healthy way. If your anxiety has led to a substance addiction, contact our Deerfield Beach rehab.


Deerfield Beach rehab to help me cope with addiction and anxiety?


Physical Activity

Physical activity is a healthy way to maintain your anxiety. Exercise is not just about physical health benefits, but also mental health benefits.  Studies show physical activity is a major part of controlling your anxiety as well as:


  • Improving immune system
  • Releases calming neurotransmitters
  • Burns away stress hormones.


Meditation and Yoga

Mediation and yoga is another option for coping with your anxiety. These activities can help you learn healthier breathing methods, which can be beneficial during a panic attack, or during a stressful situation.


Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is a big factor when learning how to cope with stress. And, it can help your anxiety in the long run. Surrounding yourself with positive people and working on your general outlook on life can help with your anxiety.


Contact Our Deerfield Beach Rehab

If your anxiety has led to a substance addiction, seeking treatment for yourself is merely a phone call away. 1st Step Behavioral Health in Deerfield Beach, Florida can help. We offer several alcohol rehab programs and services, including inpatient and outpatient treatment, dual diagnoses treatment, and much more. Seek help to overcome your obstacles with alcohol and drug addiction now. Contact us today, or call us at 866 319-6126 to begin.

Where can i find a Pompano Florida detox center to help with addiction?

Pompano Florida Detox | Can Addiction Run in My Family?

If multiple people in your family suffer from drug addiction or alcoholism, you may have wondered if addiction is hereditary. However, It’s important to remember that no one is born an addict, environment plays a big part in addiction. But, certain genetics may make it harder to quit or make withdrawal symptoms worse. If you feel like you might be suffering from addiction, contact our Pompano Florida detox center.

Where can I find a Pompano Florida detox center for my family?

Genes Can Influence Addiction

Addiction is complicated, many factors come into play when trying to determine if an individual is more susceptible. Both Inherited and environmental factors are often to blame. However, research shows addiction is heavily influenced by genetics and often runs in families.


Genes and Treatment

Researchers will often study family genes to see what could be similar in the DNA. Studying the DNA shows what could make an individual more susceptible to addiction. The goal is for researchers to identify the addiction gene and develop the appropriate treatment that modifies brain function.


Need a Pompano Florida Detox Center

If addiction runs in your family, or If you’ve ever asked, “is addiction hereditary?” you’re probably wondering if you have a problem, or suspect someone you know is using. When you or a loved one is ready to overcome addiction, there’s always help. 1st Step Behavioral has several methods of addiction treatment. The therapists at 1st Step Behavioral in Pompano Beach, Florida can help you seamlessly transition to drug or alcohol rehab. You don’t have to continue using. Contact us for immediate assistance today.


where can i find the best south florida detox centers?

South Florida Detox | Am I Addicted to Xanax?

Xanax is the fifth-most prescribed drug in the United States. Millions of Americans use prescription Xanax to treat anxiety and other conditions. Unfortunately, thousands of Xanax users develop a tolerance to the prescription drug, eventually leading to addiction. It’s vital to inform yourself about Xanax addiction signs to prevent a dangerous addiction. If you relate to the below warning signs, contact our South Florida detox center.

How do i know if i Am I Addicted to Xanax and need to go to south florida detox

Physical Symptoms

Physical symptoms of a Xanax addiction include drowsiness, light-headedness, and difficulty concentrating. Xanax abusers also suffer from memory loss, sluggishness, nausea, and headaches.

Mental and Social Symptoms

It’s common for people with an addiction to Xanax to struggle financially, along with strained personal and professional relationships.  A Xanax addiction will eventually filter through every aspect of the individual’s life.

Looking for a South Florida Detox Center?

A Xanax addiction has to be treated like any other drug addiction. Patients will need to cease consumption and then work through withdrawal, followed by a comprehensive drug addiction treatment program. There are many therapeutic approaches to recovery that can be effective.

Evidence-based recovery rehab will start with talk therapy. This can help change behaviors, address any underlying history or trauma and work through mental health conditions that could be playing a role.

Involving the family can also be helpful, as can group therapy. Alternative or holistic therapies ranging from fitness to acupuncture can play a role in boosting overall wellness, mindfulness, and strength against relapse as well.

There is a way out of Xanax addiction. At 1st Step Behavioral Health in Pompano Beach, Florida, you can begin the road to recovery. Contact us at (866) 319-6126 as soon as possible to learn more about treating an addiction and living the life you deserve.

Detox in South Florida that can help with alcohol addiction

Alcohol Rehab in Pompano | The Risks of Alcohol and Anxiety

It’s common to turn to alcohol to cope with an anxiety-filled day, an uncomfortable social interaction, or a way to relax. But, you may be unaware that using alcohol to relax or mask anxiety is doing more harm than good. Next time you feel tempted to pour yourself a drink when feeling anxious, take these facts into consideration. Also, if you are using alcohol to cope with anxiety, contact our alcohol rehab in Pompano.

 Alcohol Rehab in Pompano. | what are the Risks of Alcohol and Anxiety?

How Can Alcohol Make My Anxiety Worse?

You may think alcohol helps ease your anxiety because of the sedative effect. But, alcohol changes neurotransmitters in the brain which ultimately worsens your anxiety once the alcohol fades.

How Does Alcohol Cause Anxiety?

Long-term alcohol use can change brain activity which can cause mental health problems. Also, if your body is conditioned to consuming heavy amounts of alcohol, and you suddenly stop, its common to experience alcohol withdrawal, which causes symptoms like trembling hands, sweating, and nausea.

Searching for Alcohol Rehab in Pompano?

If these alcohol abuse and anxiety facts hit home, seeking treatment for yourself or a loved one is merely a phone call away. 1st Step Behavioral Health in Pompano Beach, Florida can help. We offer several alcohol rehab programs and services, including inpatient and outpatient treatment, dual diagnoses treatment, and much more. Don’t wait for your alcohol use disorder to develop into an addiction. Seek help to overcome your obstacles with alcohol and drug addiction now. Call us today at 866 319-6126 to begin today.

South Florida Detox that can help my loved ones addiction

Detox in South Florida | How to Help an Alcoholic Family Member

Watching a family member struggle with alcohol disorder is difficult, and can often be emotionally draining. You may wonder if there is even anything you can do to help the situation. Ultimately, it is up to your loved one to start their journey to sobriety by finding a way to detox in South Florida. But, there are still ways to be a positive influence and offer support to your family member. Below are some ways to help a family member that struggles with alcoholism.

Learn About Alcohol Use Disorder

It’s Vidal to be knowledgeable about alcoholism in order to support your loved one. So, do your research and get the facts before you offer your support.

Offer Support

If you decide to confront your family member about their drinking habits, make sure to be compassionate and sensitive with your words. Listen to their day to day struggles, and offer your support through their journey to sobriety.


You might get to a point with your family member where an intervention is necessary. This will involve some planning to properly confront your family member with the help of family and friends. Be prepared to discuss consequences and treatment options. You can also hire a professional counselor to help with the intervention.

Detox in South Florida | How to Help an Alcoholic Family Member ?

Help Your Loved One Detox in South Florida

Help your loved one take back their life starting with a quality detox. We can help them get back to the life they deserve. Contact us today to learn about our programs.

A woman worries appears stressed while wondering why do addictions occur

Why Do Addictions Occur?

Unfortunately, many believe addiction is a sign of weakness. However, research shows that many factors contribute to substance dependency. Why do addictions occur, and what can you do about them?

Addiction Causes

Many users believe they’re immune to addiction. After all, virtually no one would try drugs if they thought they would develop dependency. Simply, most people aren’t prepared for the adaptive changes that occur in the brain when they begin drug use.

Eventually, a person must use more and more of their substance of choice to achieve the same effects. Over time, drugs become a necessity for normal functioning. At this point, a user no longer has control over the habit.

Furthermore, because these changes gradually take place, it’s easy to deny they’re happening. However, the changes are quite obvious to those around you. If others express concern over your drug use, please heed their warning and get help immediately.

Why Do Addictions Occur?

Nearly everyone undergoes the same biological changes when developing an addiction. Even so, some people are more predisposed to dependency than others. For example, your odds are greater if you:

• Begin using at a young age
• Have a family history of drug abuse
• Struggle with a mental health condition
• Experienced a form of past trauma
• Grew up in a dysfunctional home

Recognizing that there are certain contributing factors, medical professionals now subscribe to what they call the “disease model.” The disease model states that the initial decision to use drugs is a choice, but that the ensuing addiction is a disease. Therefore, this definition allows experts to treat the whole person by addressing the root cause that initially led to addictive behavior.

Psychotherapy from 1st Step Behavioral Health

These risk factors also increase the likelihood of relapse after treatment. Fortunately, 1st Step Behavioral Health in Pompano Beach, Florida uses psychotherapy to help individuals work through the temptation to use. You’ll learn how to alleviate stress and avoid triggers that contribute to relapse potential. Our diverse psychotherapeutic services include:

Behavioral therapy
Dual diagnosis treatment
Individual therapy

Unfortunately, some people are more vulnerable to addiction than others. However, this doesn’t mean you should give up hope. 1st Step Behavioral Health helps hundreds of people reach successful sobriety. We look forward to doing the same for you.

Help for Addiction

Drug addiction will quickly take control of your life. Don’t let it. Begin your journey to recovery today by calling (866) 319-6126 now.

What Are Addictive Behaviors?

Addiction doesn’t always involve drugs or alcohol. It’s entirely possible to struggle with addiction, but not with substance abuse. Nonetheless, any addiction causes dangerous behaviors. Overall, many people wonder, “what are addictive behaviors?” and how they reduce quality of life and become increasingly severe. It’s important to understand just how devastating they can be.

What Are Addictive Behaviors?

Certain behaviors might not be harmful. However, if they’re beyond your control they have the potential to be. This means stopping the behavior feels impossible. You may find if you don’t engage in a certain activity, you feel anxious or unhappy. You might even feel physically unwell.

For example, these addictive behaviors might include gambling or shopping. If that lottery ticket you bought or items is your online shopping cart are keeping you awake, you may be displaying addictive behaviors.

Does A Specific Behavior Impact Your Health?

Additionally, many behaviors negatively impact health. For example, a food addiction is one of the most common addictive behaviors.

People with food addictions may gain weight and suffer from obesity-related complications. Their family members and doctors may intervene and suggest a weight loss plan. However, if eating is part of the addiction, then these suggestions won’t change problematic behaviors. True recovery involves specific addiction treatment that identifies the behavior and addresses underlying issues.

Is a Chronic Behavior Damaging Social, Romantic or Family Relationships?

Behaviors are addictive if they’re creating relationship problems. You might prioritize the behavior over spending time with loved ones.

For example, a gambling addiction could mean you’d rather spend time at the casino than with your children. It could even lead to spending less time with family because they constantly criticize your problematic behavior. If you have a video game addiction, your desire to keep playing could trump attending a family member’s wedding. These are all clear signs you need treatment.

How to Treat Addictive Behaviors

The first part of treatment is learning the answer to, “what are addictive behaviors?” Then, you’ll choose a specific treatment plan. With a behavioral addiction, the recovery approach is often similar to drug or alcohol addiction treatment.

At 1st Step Behavioral Health, behavioral therapy identifies the underlying causes addiction. Thus, you can resolve those issues and find lasting hope and happiness. Fortunately, we supplement our behavioral therapies with the following:

Don’t let addictive behaviors control your life. Permanently end addiction at 1st Step Behavioral Health in Pompano Beach, Florida. Call (866) 319-6126 to take the next step toward a healthier lifestyle today.