Vandy Brisbon

Vandy Brisbon joined the 1st Step Behavioral Health team in 2009 as a Behavioral Health Technician and has since became the evening Residential Supervisor. Vandy takes pride in his work and personal contact with each client that walks through the door. He has become an unwavering staple of the 1st Step staff, always willing and ready to assist clients in any way possible. With 11 years in recovery under his belt, Vandy has an innate ability to connect with clients and be a part of their early recovery process. He believes in the principles of 1st Step Behavioral Health and enjoys the sense of family and community he finds while helping clients get introduced to the recovery process.

Annette Swan

Annette originally joined 1st Step in 2008 as a Chemical Dependency Technician and has since risen through the ranks to Residential Supervisor. Annette’s responsibilities are to oversee the Behavioral Health Tech staff and to ensure all daily tasks at the residences are managed effectively. Having been in recovery for over 11 years, Annette is always available to our clients and willing to assist in getting them through any situation. Annette decided to stay at 1st Step after being “enamored by the owner’s big heart and the actual care for the clients.”

Gail Para

Gail has been an important member of the treatment team since 2004. As Case Management Supervisor at 1st Step, Gail serves as a liaison between the clients and their employers, attorneys and EAP. She provides documentation for clients with a leave-of-absence from work, a disabled status, or those involved with the criminal justice system. She works closely with attorneys and the court liaison. Gail is also skilled in helping clients who are applying for assistance, both for vocational and financial needs. Her role on the clinical team is significant, in that she assists our clients with the numerous resources available in the community. Gail helps each client with compassion, support and dignity as she guides them through complex matters. It is of extreme importance to her to make certain our clients are able to accomplish their goal of returning to the workplace after treatment.

Ronald Chapman

Ron Chapman joined 1st Step Behavioral Health in 2017 and plans to stay indefinitely after starting his journey to recovery in December of 2015 as a patient. Becoming sober is one of his greatest accomplishments to date and is why he continues to help current patients at 1st Step with the opportunities he was given. In his spare time, Ron enjoys taking his Australian Shepherd to the park or the beach.

James Stankes

James Stankes joined the 1st Step Behavioral Health team first in 2012 as a patient from New York looking to better his life and start his recovery. Two years later, James jumped on an opportunity for the role of Behavioral Health Technician at 1st Step. Since that time, James has grown not only in his recovery, but also in his role at 1st Step. Promoted to Case Manager in 2014, he takes on responsibilities of managing all clients’ legal, family, and employment issues, or any additional things that may prevent a client from solely focusing on their recovery. James is continuing his education to become a Certified Addiction Counselor in hopes to one day become a therapist and assist clients in their journey to recovery.