Meth Devastates Small Towns Across The USA

Even though few people are talking about methamphetamines these days due to the overarching opioid epidemic, meth usage is at an all time high in the United States of America. But why is it ravaging the nation now? Experts say the reason meth is trending right now is because it is more available – it is cheaper and it is more potent than it ever used to be. According to a story done by National Public Radio, or NPR, about meth use in a small US town, the manufacturing of the drug has become more sophisticated of late and has started to be mass produced rather than put together in a shoddy diy lab.


NPR tells the story of a small town that has been devastated by rampant methamphetamine usage spanning three generations in some families.


Meth use dipped early this decade after lawmakers cut access to key ingredients — such as the over-the-counter decongestant pseudoephedrine. Siebert says it was about the same time that opioids took hold in the region.

“Now that they’re hammering down on the opiates,” Siebert says, “guess what’s happening? Now the meth is coming back in”


Underestimating Meth is Clearly a Mistake

Someone addicted to meth may show the following signs of abuse:

  • Meth comes with rapid and extreme weight loss, however it is rarely due to change in diet or modification in the addicts exercise tendencies. Rather, by a sudden loss of appetite. This can result in a person’s muscles atrophying, severe malnutrition, and harm to the neural function.
  • Meth users may experience tremors. Muscles rely on specific nutrients to function. Not only do the tremors happen because of musculoskeletal disrepair, but it is also the result of dysfunction of the nervous system.
  • The user may have a deterioration of their reflexes.
  • Insomnia, abnormal sleep habits, and dysfunctional fatigue can also be caused by persistent amphetamine usage.
  • Dehydration in amphetamine users is a common side effect which can result in split lips, skin irritation, low immune system functions and more. With dehydration brain functions can suffers dramatically.


Treatment For Sufferers of Meth Addiction at South Florida Rehab Centers

For those who suffer from an addiction to methamphetamines, there are excellent treatment options at drug detox in Broward County. Drug rehab programs through 1st Step Behavioral Health offer medically supervised detoxification that will make sure the patient is safe and medically stable while they experience the withdrawal that comes along with abstaining from an addictive substance. 1st Step also offers rehabilitation programs for after detox. Rehab teaches the life skills necessary to live a sober life. Call now to learn more.

The Proliferation of Alcohol Abuse in Florida and Throughout The United States of America

In the modern day, the United States has adopted drinking as the normative after work activity. It has also become the typical way to meet up with a friend. If it is someone’s birthday we might buy them a drink. Alcohol has become a completely mundane part of everyday life for those who live in the United States, and across the globe. Florida, like the rest of the country, offers copious culturally acceptable ways to get wasted on a regular basis. As if the everyday office brew or after hours happy hour wasn’t enough, when holidays come many families end up binge drinking together without even thinking about who may or may not be struggling with a drinking problem, because the practice has become so second nature in our society. At Christmas there’s mulled wine, hot buttered rum, eggnog and more, thanksgiving is much of the same. Sporting events are just as focused on intoxicating beverages. Many people believe that a ball game isn’t complete without a beer and hotdog in their hands.


Why Is Alcohol Our Go-to

When people go out to meet friends and chat, they often meet at a bar, or a restaurant where everyone can get a drink. After work drinks are meant to help co-workers get together and destress from a day’s work. Those holiday drinks with family help to smooth the way through the family get together so that less fights, less social, political, or economic tension runs through conversations. The reason we so often reach for intoxicants during social gathers is because it helps us tear down our walls. It allows us to feel looser, to be ourselves. It briefly removes the shame, the guilt and the anxiety that so many of us walk around with, allowing us to finally interact on an honest level with our co-workers, to enjoy a civil holiday meal with our loving family, and to calm our fears and anxieties. But, it only does those things so briefly. The big hidden consequence of drinking is that when it is abused, the substance causes more strife in families, creates more anxiety and fear in the user. It engenders a strong sense of guilt and a deep sort of shame that almost always accompanies the chronic disease of addiction.


South Florida Alcohol Treatment at 1st Step Behavioral Health

At 1st Step Behavioral Health we offer an alcohol abuse treatment program that considers each individual patient and their personal needs and unique challenges in the modeling of each personal treatment plan.

It is vital that the person behind the alcohol addiction be a present in the consideration of treatment so that the treatment can ultimately be effective at helping the patient deal with any sort of co-existing conditions the patient may suffer from, such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, among others. 1st Step employs a dedicated staff of licensed medical professionals and qualified therapists at each of our facilities to support and keep safe the patients attending our programs. Call today to learn more about how 1st Step can help you or the person you love.