What To Do with Yourself After Rehab

Sometimes it can be scary to leave rehab, like our Drug Rehab in Ft. Lauderdale where there’s a vibrant community of genuine people all seeking a healthy and sober life. Not to mention the fact that at rehab you had a schedule and purpose. Now it might seem like you’re stuck at home, separate from the sober community you know and from the common trajectory you had with them. Leaving for home from a place of this kind of solidarity would be hard for anyone. There’s a lot you can do when leaving rehab to bolster your success at living a sober life. Here are a couple of ideas, if you’re back home and you don’t know what to do with yourself.


Learn a New Skill

Seeking out new skills can both build your confidence and exercise your brain. Think about it, are there any activities that you enjoy doing but that you haven’t really pursued to their full potential? Maybe in the past you enjoyed running as a form of exercise. Consider doing some research. Pay attention to how you’re training and improve your form, your diet, and when you run. Maybe even try a 5k, or some day a marathon!


Pick Up a Hobby

Are you the DIY type? Try something new! Maybe you’ve always wanted to reupholster furniture. Go ahead, give it a try. What do you have to lose? Not much, but you’ve got a whole lot to gain! It’s true that trying something new can help you start to feel human again. Doing and failing or succeeding is such a very human activity that there’s little to do but connect with your good instincts and tenacity. Enjoy being resourceful and using your ingenuity.


The most important way to ensure your success when you get home from rehab is to allow yourself to fail and succeed. Be open to a real human experience. Remember that this includes falling down occasionally. Just remember to have compassion for yourself and be ready to deal with failure with some self care and acceptance. That’s what it looks like to get back up again.


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How Alcohol Addiction Can Make Family Gatherings a Disaster

With alcohol making its way into every social function on everyone’s calendars these days you may have to ask yourself, with drinking being so ubiquitous, is it really going to be a problem for me? Will it really negatively affect my life to abuse alcohol? It’s a way of life. It’s a culture. Let’s take a look at the way Alcohol can affect your personal relationships.


Your Personal Relationships & Home Life

Sometimes it is hard to really comprehend the way that alcohol could have a damaging effect on anyone’s life. Sure, maybe it can change the way you are perceived at work, or maybe if you are so far gone that you’re not waking up and going to work in the mornings it could really damage your life. But if you’re getting out of bed and not falling behind at work, how else could it hurt you? How could it possibly change your personal relationships and home life? Especially when alcohol is so often used for celebration. You toast at a wedding, and an anniversary. You toast at christmas, and thanksgiving after you’re stuffed yourself with all that turkey! At every family get together everyone brings wine because no one thinks anyone else will remember!

For some families alcohol is a classic element of celebration. Indeed, in many cultures this is true. And for some families it isn’t a problem. But often copious amounts of alcohol, even in the most joyful family celebrations, can result in tears and plenty of hurt feelings, if not worse. Everyone knows that most traditional family holidays are wrought, already, with sensitive feelings. Because alcohol is a mood altering drug, family holidays and get togethers are prime time for bad experiences with alcohol. When you add a few cocktails to everyone’s brain chemistry, suddenly there is contention, and rivalry, and bitterness where peace, and consideration, and compassion were before.


Think about how it feels to wake up the day after you’ve dressed down your sister in law because she took your turkey drumstick at Thanksgiving. Think about the thoughtless things you said to your aunty or your father. Think about the way you saw your child’s tears slide down their cheeks.


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