What to Expect from Alcoholism Detox

Alcoholism can wreak havoc on your life whether it is you or a family member who has been plagued with the addiction. With alcohol, like any other addictive drug, ending an addiction is a tough task, especially if you’re trying to do so on your own. That is why rehab centers in Pompano offer the services and support you and your family needs to return to a sober lifestyle. And when rehab is discussed, most people have a fairly accurate idea of what goes on inside a substance abuse treatment center.


However, no one really has a clear notion of what people in Pompano should expect when going through detox from alcohol abuse. If you or a family member is preparing to go into rehab for alcoholism in Pompano Beach, continue reading to get a better understanding of what your first days at the facility will be like.


Checking in for Detox

When you first arrive at the rehab center in Pompano you have signed up for, you will go through a check in process before being taken to your room for detox. When you check in at the facility, you will complete paperwork similar to what you complete at most medical facilities the first time you visit them, though the rehab center will require a few more pages of answered questions and signatures.


Once done checking in, you will be given a tour of the important locations in the rehab center and taken to your room. In your room, you and a staff member will go through the contents of any bags you packed to make sure no drugs or alcohol were brought with you, and then your detox period will officially begin.


Withdrawal Symptoms

After being checked in at the rehab center in Pompano, detox from alcoholism means going through withdrawal. Some of the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal include the following:

Common Withdrawal Symptoms

  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Anxiety
  • Sleep problems
  • Sweating
  • Irritation


Rare Withdrawal Symptoms

  • Seizures
  • Hallucinations
  • Delirium tremens
  • Increased heart rate
  • Raised blood pressure
  • Confusion
  • Fever
  • Profuse sweating


Due to the intensity of many of the withdrawal symptoms, treatment for alcohol addiction and detox in Pompano is recommended to be done at a rehab center. Learn more by contacting us today and we will be glad to answer any of your questions.


End Your Opioid Addiction at a Pompano Rehab Center

An Epidemic of Epic Proportions

Though some people seem to scoff at the idea of a drug addiction epidemic spreading across the United States, opioid abuse and addiction affects more people than anyone would have ever imagined.


The spread of opioid painkillers is so wide, in fact, that practically everyone (who isn’t themselves addicted to opioids) personally knows someone who is addicted to these kinds of narcotic pharmaceuticals. Those who don’t think the epidemic is real are either in total denial of reality or someone in their life is trying hard to hide the addiction from them.


The opioid epidemic truly is a real thing happening across the country right now. As an issue it is serious enough that multiple presidents have talked about it and new legislation is being considered, drafted, and enacted to help everyone.


Don’t be Another Statistic

Looking at the country’s opioid problem as a whole is fairly easy to digest, oddly enough. It’s when you realize you or a loved one is addicted to these painkillers that it starts being difficult to accept.


Nevertheless, if you or a family member is addicted to one of these substances, it’s vital that you seek out a Pompano rehab center immediately. Not only do opioids have some particularly nasty symptoms when abused, more than one of them can lead to death. This includes

  • Delayed reflexes
    • Can cause dangerous falls and car crashes
  • Seizures
    • Total loss of control of the body momentarily
    • Falling full force without trying to stop the fall or protect face or neck
    • Easy to choke during an episode


Along with delayed reflexes and seizures is death that isn’t caused by anything other than abusing opioids. That means if you take too much, temporary symptoms might be bypassed completely and you may just end up dying. Yes, opioids really are that dangerous.


When you’re ready to talk to someone about the opioid addiction that’s snuck into your life through you or a family member, contact us right away. We’re here to support you and treat any of your addictions, and quitting opioids goes much better when you have a team on your side.